Changes, They Are Afoot….




March 13th marked the 4 year anniversary of Vegas Unwrapped’s debut on the internet airwaves. We started off doing a 1-hour show each week talking about the things in Las Vegas that make people say, “I didn’t know that”. The response was great as we expanded the show to 2 hours only 3 short months later. It gave us more time to delve into interviews, have more guests on the show, do more scheduled routines and better yet more time to be spontaneous throughout the 2 hours.

During that time is when the production side of Vegas Unwrapped was born thanks to the incomparable Tony Martini. We launched an interview format show with him detailing his 50+ years in production and entertainment. Vegas Unwrapped Productions was now in the business of helping people do what we do, have their own radio show and format with Ricky Cash & I helping as Executive Producers. As a side note if you ware interested in having your own radio show please send an email to for more information on how to make that happen.

We also realized at that time that our business goals were not going to be met at the station we were on. So we researched for another internet station and found one. So in October of our first year, we moved to our second station. They introduced us to the world of internet television. Of course we were still a radio show but now people were able to see “behind the wizard’s curtain” by watching and listening to us at the same time. We thought this was going to propel us to new heights. it did to some degree but didn’t in others. After a short time at that station we realized we were an anomaly to the format that the station had established. Our brand of talk radio was not a part of their growth. So it was time again to look for another home.

Station #3 was supposed to be the station that would give us as much control of our business as if we owned our own station. They were brand new. We thought that the timing was perfect to enter into a working relationship with them. But quickly realized that we were not in as much control as we had hoped to have and it stymied our business so bad we could not secure any new shows or advertising. Once again we knew that was not our home of the future.

What goes around comes around. You never burn bridges or do things the improper way when it comes to relationships. We found us returning to the station that we started with 4 years ago. It has been almost a year since we returned to them. We do have full autonomy to run our business within theirs. But we have out grown them already. There are many factors why that is. At some point I may share them in away for others to look for when it comes to finding a station, but let’s just say when you physically move your station into a “smaller” space rather than a larger in order to facilitate your own growth in business it makes you wonder.

So…… business partners and I have decided to make yet another move to a new internet station but this one has the backing of a terrestrial station of 66 years of being on the Las Vegas airwaves as well as the national backing of a local radio group that owns about 8 other stations including 2 very prominent national sports affiliates.


The point to this post is simply this: EXPECT AND ANTICIPATE CHANGE. IT IS THE ONLY CONSTANT THING THAT CAN BE EXPERIENCED DAY IN AND DAY OUT. Accept it, prepare for it and work with it. If you fight change you will get left behind.

Until next time…..


2 Comments on “Changes, They Are Afoot….”

  1. Jimmy Bryant says:

    One of the best things, I have done for Lights 4 Love. Vegas Unwrapped helped me get the word out. Not only in Vegas but Around the World. Now they are helping again, by doing an on line fundraiser, for Lights 4 Love. They are donating $2.00 for every fan page like they get for Vegas Unwrapped until the end of March. Plus Robert Rickly and I are going to be guest on the show 3/27/2013 at 8.15 pm. Tune in for a good time.

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